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Why Nintendo won’t be building a new home console for its games and TV brand, despite rumors

The Nintendo Switch is finally here.

Its release is fast approaching, but not everyone is happy about it.

While many gamers are waiting for a new console, some of the company’s game developers are planning to start working on their own home consoles.

According to a report from Vice News, Nintendo will be building their own hardware to compete with the big consoles, which they feel are too slow. 

While many gamers love the Switch, many also want a home console that’s fast and easy to use.

That’s why many developers are considering building their home consoles on the Switch instead of using the existing consoles for their games. 

The report claims that Nintendo wants to build their own handheld device that’s not only easy to play on the go, but also can also run on the Nintendo Switch. 

This isn’t the first time that Nintendo has been considering building a portable console.

In 2017, the company made a statement regarding the idea. 

Nintendo is planning to build a home system that’s as fast as a console but without the limitations of a console, which are common for portable systems.

The Switch is already set to release on March 3, 2018, but this isn’t a rumor anymore. 

There are plenty of rumors going around about Nintendo’s plans for the Switch.

A lot of them have been accurate in their predictions, but some have been a bit inaccurate. 

In the end, we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo plans to do with the Switch when it launches.

If they do decide to go with a home gaming system, it will probably be on a smaller scale.