By John StaufferKidde Firefighter union says it was fired after it refused to back a company that has a history of firing union membersRead moreWhat happens when a company is forced to fire a union member who was part of the union’s bargaining team?

The union says a lot.

In the case of the Kidde company, the union filed a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board.

A union spokesperson said that when the company reached a settlement with the union, it was “the union’s position that we should have no part of it.”

The company has since reached a new agreement, and the union said that after the settlement, “the company has made it clear that it will not participate in any future union bargaining or collective bargaining efforts.”

The union said it will continue to pursue legal action against the company.

The Kiddes spokesperson told the CBC News that the company did not comment on individual employees or any specific situation.

“In this case, the company has agreed to an agreement that addresses some of the concerns raised,” she said.

The union is seeking a declaration that the Kiddler firefighting firm was properly classified as a bargaining agent and that the firing was “justified under the law.”