In a new report, the watchdog group Military Times says the U.S. military is using civilian deaths to justify its military intervention in Syria.

The group says that a Pentagon memo written in early December 2014 shows the military is considering using civilian casualties to justify the use of military force in Syria, which the United States has not officially acknowledged until this month.

The memo, which was shared by the watchdog, describes how the U,S.

Army, the Marine Corps, Air Force and the Navy are considering using civilians as human shields in order to achieve the goal of “tactical advantage.”

The report says that the U.,S.

has deployed about 1,000 troops to Syria to help the Syrian Army fight ISIS and other extremists, while the United Nations has estimated that 1,300 civilians are killed and thousands more injured by U.N.-backed airstrikes and shelling in Syria every day.

The report said that the memo was written as part of a training exercise for the military, and it is not clear whether it was approved by the commander in chief.

The memo is dated March 4, and does not say what the exercise was about, or whether it involved civilians.

The U.K.-based charity Aid to Syria has previously said that more than 2,400 civilians have been killed by U,s.

airstrikes in Syria since 2014, and the organization says it has documented at least 500 civilian deaths from the airstrikes.

The United States, however, has not publicly acknowledged that the strikes were targeting civilians.

“The American public should not have to suffer through the death and destruction inflicted by the U the most powerful military power on Earth,” Military Times said.

It is not just reckless and morally reprehensible; it is also dangerous.