Wye, Ga.

— The Pentagon’s Firefighting Appliances were ready and waiting for the incoming hurricane when they arrived at the New York-New Jersey border in the middle of Hurricane Maria.

Army firefighters, aircrews and others were already there to help the people of Puerto Rico.

But those supplies weren’t enough, they said.

We need your help, said Lt.

Col. Michael E. Mott, deputy commander of the U.S. Army Fire Fighting Equipment Group.

 We need the equipment, we need the support.

Army firefighting crews are already battling wildfires and flooding across the U .


Virgin Islands.

And in a major setback, more than 4,000 wildfires burned across more than 2,600 square miles of Florida.

Mott said the Pentagon will deploy some equipment to the U and New York states for use in the next 48 hours.

In the past month, firefighters have been battling several wildfires across the United States.

The New York Post reported that more than 1,400 firefighters battled the fires in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City.

“As Hurricane Maria approaches Puerto Rico, we will deploy resources to help protect the communities we serve,” Mott said.