The NFL will host its biggest game of the season on Jan. 6, but which team will claim the title of the most entertaining team to watch?

We take a look at the most exciting team, and why.1.

Baltimore Ravens (8-3, No. 5)Last year’s Ravens were one of the best teams in the NFL and the best team in the AFC East.

The Ravens won six games in a row and then lost to the Patriots.

But in the playoffs, Baltimore’s offense exploded and they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a wild-card round.

The team was also crowned the best offensive team in football, beating the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers.2.

Carolina Panthers (9-1, No: 6)Last season, the Panthers were the defending Super Bowl champions, but they fell to the Seahawks in the NFC title game.

They finished the season with a record of 10-3.

This year, the team has a chance to make a big comeback, especially if quarterback Cam Newton can return to form.3.

Detroit Lions (8.5-4, No; 8)The Lions have won seven straight games and are poised to win the NFC North, but their defense struggled mightily.

Detroit lost cornerback Darius Slay to a season-ending injury, which hurts their pass rush.

The Lions also have another pass rusher in cornerback Quandre Diggs, who has been playing well.

The defense is also in danger of falling out of playoff contention.4.

Chicago Bears (9.0-5, No.: 11)The Bears are looking like a playoff team.

They won 10 games last season and are undefeated.

The Bears will have to make some adjustments on offense this year, but this is a team that is built around its quarterback, Jay Cutler.5.

Philadelphia Eagles (8; No. 6)The Eagles are a rebuilding team.

In their first year in the league, the Eagles went 10-6 and lost to Dallas in the divisional round.

They then lost quarterback Carson Wentz to a torn ACL in the first round of the playoffs.

They lost safety Malcolm Jenkins in free agency and receiver Nelson Agholor in the draft.

But the Eagles are still in a rebuilding mode and have a chance at making the playoffs this season.6.

Arizona Cardinals (9; No: 10)The Cardinals are trying to return to the postseason for the first time since 2009.

They have a new coach, coach Adam Gase and quarterback Carson Palmer.

They also have a strong running game, but the Cardinals are a little more vulnerable on defense.

The Cardinals won’t win the division, but if they do, they will make a deep run into the playoffs with a win over the Cowboys.7.

Green Bay Seahawks (8 No. 8)This season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sacked 21 times and had two interceptions, which is a career high.

His best game of his career came when he threw three touchdowns to help the Packers beat the Cardinals.8.

Denver Broncos (9 No. 7)Denver is a contender.

The Broncos are 9-0 in the regular season and they won their second Super Bowl in four years.

They are also in the playoff hunt, but have struggled mightly this year.

The offense has been shaky, and quarterback Brock Osweiler has struggled with injuries.

The Denver defense has a lot of questions to answer.9.

New Orleans Saints (9, No, No)The Saints are rebuilding.

The Saints are the best defensive team in NFL history, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make a run at a Super Bowl.

New York lost cornerback Brandon Browner in free agent signings, defensive tackle Dannell Ellerbe and running back Alvin Kamara in free agents and receiver Lance Moore in free, so the Saints have some questions to address.10.

Miami Dolphins (9)The Dolphins are the top team in AFC South and are in a playoff spot, but Miami needs to play better than they did last season to win.

The Dolphins are 11-2 this season and have the second-best defense in the conference.11.

New England Patriots (9.)

The Patriots are still trying to figure out their quarterback situation, but quarterback Tom Brady is the favorite to win Super Bowl LI.

The Patriots had a tough schedule last season, but Brady has been the best quarterback in the game.

Brady’s numbers have not been as good this year and he needs to do a better job this year to make up for the poor performance.12.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10; No.)

The Steelers are one of those teams that are constantly changing, so it is hard to predict how they will fare in the postseason.

The Steelers have a lot to work on, but coach Mike Tomlin should be able to win at least one more game than last season.13.

New Hampshire Wildcats (9: No.)

This is a great team to root for.

The Wildcats won the NJCAA Division I championship last year and went on to