It is a question that has puzzled many, including senior police officers.

Why the two-sided battle?

What is the rationale behind it?

The two sides of the fire fighting debate have come into focus after a fire tore through the Bundelkhand district of Punjab on Sunday.

The incident took place at a property in Jhalawar, the capital of Jhalpur district.

According to police, a man called Mohammad Khalid alias Mohammad Alkhaleq, a resident of Jhelpur, was working on a tractor-trailer on the highway.

The fire engulfed the tractor and the trailer.

Fire brigade personnel rushed to the spot, but soon found out that the fire was caused by the trailer itself, a fire engine and a fire hose.

The truck was also damaged.

The accused is absconding and is likely to be arrested soon.

The two sides are not saying much on the fire yet, but it is an unfortunate incident that has led to the debate in the local media.

The fire started on Saturday morning when the tractor trailer caught fire while driving on a narrow section of road.

A team of 10 fire fighters, two fire trucks, and a truck ambulance rushed to Jhalgarh and managed to contain the blaze.

The incident was quickly reported to the fire department and the team was deployed for the rescue.

It was learnt that the trailer was damaged by the fire.

According to police sources, the trailer had broken down and was being rebuilt.

The company was in the process of fixing the trailer when the fire started.

When the truck arrived, the fire broke out on the engine and the hose.

The trailer was also hit by water.

The firefighters tried to extinguish the fire but the flames were on the truck.

The tractor trailer was destroyed.

The team was called in to the incident to help the fire brigade and other officials in Jhale Pulwama, Jhalhar district.

The team was on the way to the district when the incident took on the proportions of a tragedy.

The police were not ready to divulge the exact number of injured in the fire, but said that at least nine people were injured and that the number could rise.

The two side is not even willing to explain why the fire has occurred.

The statement made by the district administration has been criticised by some of the local residents.

“What is the justification for such a fire in a public place like this?

The district administration is responsible.

They should explain themselves,” said local resident Muhammad Asif.

The issue of blame is yet to be clarified.

The Punjab government has been quick to distance itself from the incident and the police have said that it will be investigated into the matter.

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