The UFC’s next big event is scheduled to take place on June 5, and it’s looking like one of the biggest fights of the year could come down to one of two fighters.

As we reported last month, there’s a very good chance that undefeated featherweight champion Michael Bisping (20-0 MMA, 10-0 UFC) and lightweight champ Jose Aldo (19-2 MMA, 13-2 UFC) will meet for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 203 in Las Vegas.

While it’s not clear which one of these two will be fighting at the card, both have been working hard to win a UFC title in the past.UFC President Dana White told reporters last week that he expects the two fighters to meet for a title shot in Las.

Vegas, and there are still plenty of questions about the fight, such as whether the winner will be allowed to continue his or her career, how much money the winner would get for the fight and if Aldo’s team would get a cut.

One of the main reasons that the UFC is pushing for Bispings and Aldos to meet at UFC 200 is that they’ve been fighting regularly in the UFC since their first fight back in 2013, and the two are now fighting each other once more after the UFC made it official in August that they will be heading to the UFC 205 card.

Bispies team will be competing for the featherweight championship against Aldos’ in Las, Nevada, with the winner getting the chance to defend his belt against Aldo.

“We are working extremely hard and very well to make sure that the winner of the lightweight title fight will have the opportunity to defend that title,” White told UFC Tonight in October.

“It will be a really good fight.

I think they have a very strong title picture right now.

We are working very, very hard.

We have an extremely good team, and we have a great fan base.”

White said he thinks that the fight will be very close, and that he’s “not worried” about Aldo winning, but he did admit that the fighter is the underdog, as Aldo has a winning record in his first four fights.

While Bispeds team is working to make the fight happen, Aldo and his team have already put together a great promotional video, which you can watch below.

The fight is still being finalized and scheduled to headline UFC 203, but UFC officials are also working on a new promotional video featuring the duo.