The pilot of the small drone flying the firefighting operation on Sunday said the unmanned aerial vehicle was not a shield and it was flying too close to the flames.

“It was flying so close to us that I could feel the flames coming from it,” said Michael Fournier, who works in the fire prevention department.

“We were looking down and seeing that the flames were coming toward us, and I thought that the drone was getting too close.”

He said he didn’t realize it was a shield until the fire started and that the aircraft did not have a visual warning system.

“I was flying, but I didn’t really realize I was flying into a fire until it started to burn down and the fire was really, really close to me,” he said.

“That was kind of scary, especially because I thought I was going to die.”

The pilot said the drone could have saved lives if he could have seen the flames ahead.

“But you can’t see the flames when you’re flying in a fire,” he added.

The pilot and his team were working to contain a raging fire that had engulfed a home in Scarborough, Ont.

on Saturday night.

The fire has been put out but Fourniers home has been left in a dangerous condition.

He was able to take a selfie on his phone as firefighters worked to put out the flames on Monday.

The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office said firefighting operations will continue on Monday until the house is safe.