The fire fighters union has a new rule banning fire fighters from entering firefighting tankers.

Fire fighters are banned from entering tanks that have a crew of more than 10.

The union said the new rule came into effect on March 1.

“The rules were made to protect firefighters, not tankers,” said Joe Mone, a member of the Fire Fighters Union.

Mone said the union’s new policy means fire fighters can’t be on a firefighting tanker at a time when there are still active firefighting crews on the scene.

Firefighters can also’t be inside a fire fighting tank if they are being paid by the tanker.

“They have to do that, or they’re being paid a lot of money,” Mone told The Lad.

He said the firefighting union has been trying to get a better understanding of the requirements of the rules since last year.

“We have had a couple of discussions with them about the specifics,” Mones said.

Mones added the union will work with the Department of Transportation to try to get an updated rule to be in place.

Moles firefighting crew had been on a tanker for more than a year and the new policy would require firefighters to work in the fire fighting tanks when there is a crew larger than 10 on the fire ground.

The new rule also says that fire fighters will not be allowed to operate a fire suppression equipment on a tank if the crew has been working on the tank for at least two hours prior to entering the tank.

MOne said he hopes the rule will help firefighters stay safe in the midst of fires and provide an incentive to the tanker companies to maintain the fire fight.

“If you have a fire, there are going to be a lot more fires, and you can’t control that,” Moles said.

“You can’t stop them from coming in, you can only control the people that come in and do the job properly.”

The new policy comes in the wake of the fatal fire that swept through the St. Paul fire department in December.

The fire department was on a collision course with a tanker when a fire engulfed it.

The crew members were able to escape and the tanker did not catch fire.

A fire truck was dispatched to the scene and the fire department says it took about 30 minutes to extinguish the blaze.

The St. Louis-based company has a contract with the fire marshal’s office that gives the company the right to operate firefighting tanks at any time on a public street, including during traffic and on fire-ravaged properties.

The contract also says it will only allow crews of at least 10 people on a vehicle to work during daylight hours.

A St. Martin-based tanker has also recently been on fire.

The company that operates the tanker in that incident was not aware of the new rules.

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