In the video, the Worcester Fire Department firefighter is seen fighting a wildfire in Southern California.

The Worcester Fire Dept. said the firefighter was in a car with other firefighters when they saw a wildfire on a mountain road in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The firefighters then ran to a nearby hotel to evacuate.

The hotel was evacuated and the firefighter returned to the fire and helped fight the blaze.

“When the fire was moving south into the valley, the firefighter went down a steep hill and made a little descent,” Worcester Fire Capt. Mike O’Neill said in a statement.

“As he came up on the hillside, the flames were moving very fast and he saw them on the ridge behind him.”

O’Neill also said the firefighters were able to contain the blaze on the road.

The Worcester Fire Departments Twitter account tweeted that firefighters from the department and the county of San Francisco arrived on scene and helped contain the fire.

The fire was eventually contained.

O’Neil said the firefighters were treated and released, but the department will be reimbursed by the county for the time they spent battling the fire on the highway.