Trinity Fire Fighting is fighting for its life as it fights to keep alive its residents from the intense fire raging through the north.

The fire has killed six people and destroyed two homes, while one house is severely damaged.

The Trinity Fire Department says more than 1,000 people are still displaced, with most of the evacuees stuck in cars and homes on a stretch of Interstate 65 between North Charleston and Wilmington.

Trinity Fire Chief James Kuczynski says the fire has grown to 300 acres, but he said it is getting closer.

Trinity firefighters have been fighting the blaze for nearly two weeks, battling heavy rains and wind gusts.

He said that firefighting has become more dangerous in the past few days.

Trinity and neighboring South Carolina have seen some of the most severe fire conditions in years.

In August, a massive wildfire swept through the state, burning more than 800,000 acres, destroying more than 200 homes and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Firefighters are battling a much more deadly fire.

Trinity fire chief James K. Kuczman said that the fire is growing to 300-plus acres and that it has grown so fast that it’s a real concern.

He says it is now an ongoing battle.

Trinity has been forced to evacuate residents in Wilmington and Charlotte, N.C., and it has closed some areas of its southern border, including Interstate 95, to keep the fire under control.

Trinity is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Wilmington, where residents are staying at a camp.

KUCZNIESZ, Trinity Fire: We are fighting this fire, the fire that has been raging for two weeks now, but we are getting closer to the 200-plus-acre burning area.

And that is when it’s the most dangerous.

But right now, we’re fighting.

Firefighter: There’s a very intense fire, which we are fighting for our lives, and we’re not going to give up this fight.

Fire Department: I can tell you right now it’s getting closer and closer to our position.

KUTZYNSKI: The Trinity firefighters are making sure that residents of South Carolina, including Wilmington, Charlotte and the surrounding counties are getting help.

Fire Chief Kuczynski says he expects the fire to expand.

Fire department spokesman James P. Goss says Trinity will have to evacuate as much as 15,000 residents by Thursday.

The U.S. Forest Service says about 8,000 homes remain under threat.

Trinity’s fire chief says the Trinity Firefighters were given the order to fight the fire.

FIRE CHIEF JAMES KUCYZNIASZ: The fire is moving fast.

We have no control over that.

Fire chief Kuczienski said the fire had burned more than 8,200 acres by Friday morning.


Fire fighters say the Trinity firefighters will be forced to stay at the base of the fire for the foreseeable future.

Trinity chief James Goss said the firefighters will have no choice but to evacuate their residents and that they are getting dangerously close to the evacuation area.

KUNCZYNESZ: It is a very, very dangerous situation, very, really dangerous.

FIRE OFFICER: The firefighters are getting close to their position.

Fire fighter: I would say about the size of a soccer field.

Fire officials say Trinity will be evacuating residents and will begin the evacuation at a later date.

Trinity, the first community fire to burn in South Carolina since the 1990s, has grown rapidly since it was first reported by a local radio station.

The city has received nearly 3,000 calls about the blaze.

It has been rated a disaster area by the National Weather Service.

It’s not known when Trinity will begin evacuating its residents.

Fire crews are also evacuating homes and businesses in the city.

The National Weather Office says temperatures in South Charleston are currently about 37 degrees.

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