As a result, the department’s Chief Fire Officer, Dave Sorensen, has been putting his faith in the robotic firefighting machine, known as the Bulldozer, to help protect the city’s citizens.

“There is no other robot in the world like it,” he told Wired.

“It’s got all the data, all the sensors, it’s got sensors all over the place, it can fire at a target from a distance and it has an electronic pulse gun that can send out a fire.

We haven’t had any problems with it in a very long time.” “

And it’s been a real threat to us.

We haven’t had any problems with it in a very long time.”

The robot is built by a California-based company called Cargill.

Its design was featured in the upcoming film Independence Day, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Cargills Bulldozers can withstand a ton of pressure and they can be programmed to fire automatically if a firefighter or medic needs to use the machine to extinguish a fire, or when a firefighter and medic are on the same roof or in the same apartment complex.

It has the ability to be armed with an array of weapons, such as laser sights and pepper spray.

“They can be a real danger,” Sorenesen said.

“We don’t want to see that happen, but we do need to protect our people.”

But as with all of the department robots, the Bulltozer has an unfortunate side effect: It can be extremely expensive.

While the company has not yet revealed prices for the Bullfire, which costs $5,500 per unit, a promotional video that Cargil released earlier this year showed the robot in a garage that had been equipped with “some of the most advanced and most sophisticated equipment in the city of Detroit.”

That includes an infrared camera, a radio and a camera system with video and audio capabilities that can be remotely controlled.

That’s the reason why Sorengen said that if the department wants to use it, it needs to come up with a cost that is “reasonable”.

“It can cost as much as $10 million to get it into service, and then the equipment and the software will cost that same amount,” he said.

Sorenten said the department is “working on a plan to get a cheaper robot that can have a much lower price tag.”

But that is far from certain.

The city has a fleet of at least six of the robot, but it is not clear how many of them are currently operational.

The Bulldozers have been in service since 2014 and are expected to be in use for at least a year.

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