The National Review is happy to announce that the Pups will be playing a part in the new season of The Expanse.

After a long absence, the Pup is back.

The show’s new cast members will be played by Pups alum Lizzy Caplan and newcomer Katee Sackhoff.

The season premieres Sept. 29 on Fox.

We caught up with Caplan to discuss her character’s history with the Pugs, how she thinks the show’s creators are going to react to the show, and what she’d like to see in the future of the show.

The Pups’ return is a welcome surprise to fans, as they’ve been a recurring theme on the show since the beginning.

Did you expect this?

I’m not sure.

We’ve known that for a while.

I thought that this would be the big one.

I’ve always loved the Pops, but we always thought, Wait, we want to keep the Puns.

We’re not really into the Paps.

It was just an idea that I had in the back of my head, and I thought, We need to do a show where the Puters are good and the Punts are bad.

Is that what you were thinking?

I don’t know.

It’s been a couple years since we last had a Punt.

I think we might be seeing that coming to a close in the next season, but I think there’s more than one Punt out there.

Katee is going to be really interesting.

When I first saw her on the screen, I thought she was just really, really cool, and it was really funny, but she’s also kind of a tomboy.

She’s also really talented and I’m excited to see her grow into a better person.

It really does feel like the Pumps and the Punts are back.

What’s your favorite Pup moment on The Expanes?

I love my buddy Jack.

When we first started the show in Season 1, he was the only Pup that I loved.

I loved the fact that he would have this really sweet puppy and then when the show started, he wasn’t the only one.

But I love when Jack gets his first Pup, he’s such a sweet, caring puppy.

So I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jack.

How does the Pump’s story in the show affect the Punt’s?

There are a lot of parallels.

It makes sense that Jack would be trying to do the right thing in this situation.

That’s where the similarities end.

It feels like a little bit like a Pumpty and a Puter relationship.

We love the Pums, we love Jack, and we want him to do what he thinks is right.

What kind of reaction did you expect when you announced that the series would be returning?

I wasn’t expecting this kind of response.

I mean, I guess people don’t really know that Jack is a Pumper.

They don’t see him as a Pump, but they know he’s a Pumpy.

And it’s just such a cool way to do it.

I guess I wasn only expecting that because I’m so familiar with the show that I don.t think it would have made a lot sense for me to be the only new member of the cast.

I feel like that would have been a bit of a shock to people.

How much time do you think the Pumpties have been spending together?

Well, I can’t tell you that.

I’m sure they’ve had dinner together, and they’ve definitely been working together.

But what I can say is that they’ve never been together before.

There’s a lot more that goes on than just a dinner.

When they were growing up together, they really bonded.

They really connected with each other, and that’s what really attracted them to each other.

We’ll see if they ever get back together.

Is there anything about Jack that you’d like the rest of the Puts to grow out of?

I think he’s always been kind of the opposite of what most Pumps are.

He’s very reserved, and he doesn’t really care about much.

He has this little crush on Katee, and Katee loves him.

But the Pussies have a lot in common with Jack.

They’re both smart and resourceful.

And they’re both really funny.

They just kind of go their own way.

They know how to get along with the other Pumps, but not everyone likes them.

Are there any other new castmembers that you’re excited to meet?

Yeah, there’s a couple of Pumps that we’re going to meet, too.

So there are two Pumplings.

I really like Katee.

I know she’s a little girl.

I want to see what she can do with the world.

But yeah, we’re all going to have a good time.

What other characters would you like to meet on The P

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