Prisoners in West Bank have been battling a series of fires in a bid to keep the Palestinian prisoners at home.

In a statement issued on Monday, the West Bank Prisoners Association (WPBA) said the fires began last Thursday in the area of Qalqiliya in Hebron and continue to burn in various places.

The WPBA said a number of Palestinian prisoners have been held in Israeli jails for over 20 years.

The prisoners are mainly held in administrative detention, and are facing charges of inciting riots, attacking policemen, assaulting soldiers and attacking settlers.

They are also facing charges relating to the “burning of olive trees”.

The WPBAs statement said the prisoners were prevented from returning to their homes and were being kept at the Qalquiliya prison for a week, before being released on May 8.

“The WPABA has appealed to the government to take measures to provide the prisoners with water and hygiene supplies,” the statement said.

“We call on the Israeli authorities to allow the prisoners to return home to their families.

We are asking the Israeli Government to take steps to provide these needs and dignity to the Palestinian Prisoners.”

It added that the prisoners’ health was also deteriorating due to lack of food, as they were denied medical treatment.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has previously claimed the fires are caused by “incendiary projectiles”, but the WPBA claims the fire has started because of “displays of solidarity” by Palestinian prisoners.

In March, the Palestinian prisoner rights group B’Tselem claimed it had documented at least 16 cases of Israeli forces using tear gas, rubber bullets and other deadly force against Palestinian prisoners in Qalwa, Ramallah and other Israeli settlements.

It said at least 1,500 Palestinians had been injured in the fires, which have been spreading in the occupied West Bank.

Earlier this month, an Israeli court sentenced two Palestinian men to 15 years in prison for incitement against the Israeli army and incitement of a terrorist attack.