In a new video, footage of a firefighting cannon blast that left a US military ship completely destroyed, shows the terrifying aftermath of the deadly wildfire that burned through the northern California coast.

The video, posted to YouTube on Wednesday, shows what appears to be the impact of the fire, which destroyed a cargo ship, a life raft and more.

The USS San Antonio, a guided-missile destroyer, was sailing in the Red Sea on Sunday when it ran aground off the coast of California, according to a statement from the Naval Sea Systems Command.

The ship was traveling westbound when it began to rapidly accelerate, the statement said.

The video shows what happened to the USS San Paulo when it struck the water.

The San Antonio was carrying up to 8,000 barrels of oil and other cargo, according a statement on its website.

The fire damaged several structures on board the ship, including a lifeboat, and caused significant damage to the ship’s propeller.

It’s unclear whether the ship was deliberately damaged or if the fire was accidental, the Navy said.

The US Coast Guard is assisting with the investigation.