Posted September 05, 2018 07:10:53 The Kiddes firefighting team is a proud member of the Indiana Firefighting Association.

They’ve been in the field for more than 40 years.

“It’s always nice to be part of something that’s great,” said Kiddie Firefighter Kevin Fennell.

This is the fourth year the team has participated in the annual Kidde Firefighter Summit.

They have to pass the test and receive certification from the Indiana Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The team is known as a hard-working team, and they do it because of their dedication to the community.

They do everything by the book.

They take care of their fire stations and they provide emergency services.

There are so many things that they do for the community that they appreciate.

Kidde is the only Indiana county that is still using a hickory fire engine.

It’s a testament to their commitment to the county that they continue to do so.

“We have our own fire stations now, so we use the hickories as our primary engine,” said Firefighter Mike Hockett.

It’s a great thing that we have such great firefighters, but we have to keep it real,” said Karen.

For a small community, the Kidde area is home to a growing number of fire departments, including the Kiddewells Fire Department.

The Kiddees firefighting company has become one of the most visible in the country.

A couple of years ago, the team received certification for the state’s second hickys firefighting certification, and the next year they got certification for certification for a third.

Kiddee Firefighter Keith Condon is one of many members who was awarded a state of Indiana Firefighter badge.

With the certification in hand, the Kuddes team is ready to take on another mission.

After all, they’re the best in the world.