‘I want to do a fire fight’: Firefighter gets ‘really mad’ when she says ‘we’re not in war’

Firefighting cat Nicky is not in a war zone, she says, but she says she wants to do one.

In an exclusive video for MTV News, Nicky shows off her firefighting skills in a scene from the movie The Firefighter, which was released last year.

The video shows Nicky jumping into a fire when she sees a suspicious fire in the backyard of a home, where she tells the viewer that “I know it’s not war, but it’s a really crazy idea to be doing a firefight in your backyard.”

But she says it’s the “wrong time to do it,” saying, “It’s not a war, it’s just an idea.”

In the clip, Nickymaid is seen putting out a fire in her backyard while standing at the entrance to the home.

“Oh my God, we’re not fighting,” she tells viewers.

“It’s kind of like a good old fashioned prank,” Nicky says in the video, which you can see above.

“We’re just going to jump in and let some fire spread.”

As Nicky jumps into the fire, she is seen looking down on the area with her camera, which she then uses to take a picture of her home.

The clip then shows Nickymedd taking pictures of herself and her home in the same manner as she did her firefight with the cat.

But Nicky isn’t the only firefighter in the film.

When a man enters the home and asks, “What the hell is happening here?” she responds, “Oh, nothing.”

“I want you to just leave,” the man says.

“There’s no need for you to do anything.

We’re not even in a world war, I promise you.”

Nicky then tells the man, “This is a very funny video,” and adds, “I really want to have a fire battle.”

The man replies, “You’re the most wonderful fire fighter I’ve ever met.”

“You’re going to make the next world war!” the man exclaims.

“I think I am, Nick.”

Nickymaid says that “the cat was very scared,” adding, “but she was just so cool, I think she wanted to do this for all the cats in the world.”

Nickys mother also appears in the clip and says, “That cat just did what the cat would do,” as the video ends.

The Firefighter movie was released in theaters on April 25.