It started in a cabin at a cabin on the edge of a remote, remote mountain resort in Alaska’s Kotzebue National Park.

It grew to a fire raging through a nearby village.

The fire burned through the town, killing three people and destroying the nearby lodge.

More than a month later, the fire is still burning in the forest, and some people in the nearby town are worried about the fire’s spread.

There is no official estimate of how many people are affected, but some residents say they fear for their lives.

“There’s been some really bad news that’s really hard to hear, especially when we’re trying to live the best life we can, and you hear things like, ‘Are you going to be able to afford your house?'” said Joe Gee, who lives in the village.

“We’ve had a lot of people, a lot more people than we would like to see.

It’s definitely a concern, but I think it’s more just the way things are going.

The way things have been going in the last two weeks.”

The blaze started Friday in the small town of Kotzebuak.

Firefighters say it was a quick and easy fire that quickly spread to the entire village.

The flames are still burning, but it’s no longer clear where it started.

The Kotzebues are in the town of Tukahak, a resort area with the highest elevation in Alaska.

There is no way of knowing exactly how many homes have been destroyed.

Gee says he doesn’t want to live in his home if the fire starts again.

“If it’s not contained, we have no idea where the fire will go, and I’m not going to live there if I don’t have a way to protect myself,” he said.

Some residents are also worried about possible spread of a new type of fire, called a super-tidal fire.

This type of wildfire can spread quickly if there is enough moisture in the air, causing the water to expand and fuel the fire.

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