The Buffalo Fire Department is responding to two residential fire fights, the first of which involved the use of a firefighting structure, and one that involved the removal of a structure.

Buffalo Fire Chief Bob Balletto said one house was reduced to rubble after the firefighting vehicle caught fire and burned through the roof.

He said it is a safe and effective approach that has saved several lives, including a child who was transported to a hospital.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of people over the years that I’ve seen through the fire fighting world, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Balletti said.

“It’s the most challenging I’ve ever seen it in my career, but it’s not something that happens in a vacuum.

We’ve had to work together to save this house.”

Buffalo firefighters had to use a fire fighting vehicle to try to bring down the structure.

The fire burned through a roof and engulfed the garage.

Balletto and Chief Steve Mancuso said the structure was placed in a garage area of the garage, but the vehicle was still on fire.

Buffie Fire Department Lt.

Mark DeSantis said the garage is in an area that is under construction and it’s currently under investigation.

He said firefighters are trying to determine if the structure can be saved.

The firefighting team did not know how much time had passed before the structure caught fire.

The department will evaluate the situation and decide if they can try to remove it, Balletto said.

The second fire fight involved a structure fire that was set in a neighborhood where people live.

Firefighters used a fire truck to get into the garage area and fought the blaze.

The garage had to be evacuated.

Balletta said that structure fire was contained and no injuries were reported.

Buffies fire department has an annual budget of about $8 million, and this year they have about $1 million in budgeted budget to spend, including $1.6 million to purchase new fire fighting equipment.

Buffy Fire Department will be working with the city’s fire department to determine the best way to restore the structure, Bolesetto said, adding that a decision on that would be made by the fire department.

The Buffalo Fire Chief said the department is looking for more volunteers and the department would not be able to use the firefighters if they are not in the fire fighter’s uniform.

The Buffalo Police Department has also been contacted and will work with the Buffalo Fire Dept. on the incident.

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