In the past couple of years, there have been a few firefighting firms that have gained notoriety due to their aggressive tactics and dedication to their mission.

These are the top companies that have received a ton of press for their efforts, and they are the ones that I would recommend to anyone looking to start a home firefighting career.1.

Firehouse Firefighting in Connecticut The Firehouse in Newtown, Connecticut is a local firefighting outfit that is one of the best.

They are extremely committed to their efforts and have been working on the scene since 2013.

 Their first major project was a house fire in December of 2016, which destroyed the house and damaged it’s roof.

Their second major project that occurred in April of 2019 was a second-story house fire that destroyed the home and damaged the building. 

Firehouse Firefighter Joe McDonough in his firefighting suit and helmet from January of 2020 source Hacker News (Courtesy of Firehouse) The company was originally founded by former Firefighter/Paramedic Joe Mcdonough in 2015.

Firefighter Mcdonoc had a good working relationship with the town, as he is well respected by locals for his efforts in fighting fires.

He also worked as a paramedic in the area, and is well known for his skill with an extinguisher.

Firefighters Mcdonos involvement with the fire has increased since that time.

The Firehouses main focus is the firefighting of homes in Connecticut.

The company has worked to save many lives since their inception. 

The department has saved more than 10,000 homes, and their firefighting efforts have been recognized with numerous awards and commendations. 

Their firefighting methods and tactics have changed since Mcdonococs inception, but its clear that the Firehouse is committed to doing their job as well.2.

Westland Firefighting Westland Firefighter Robert Pecoraro in the firefight suit and cap from January 2019 source Hacker News 2 (Courtesy of Westland) In February of 2019, Westland started a new job that would help them save many more lives.

Westwood Firefighter Bob Pecora was on the call of a home that was severely burned down.

Westwood responded to the fire by helping evacuate the home while they tried to get the structure stabilized. 

In addition to helping evacuate, they were on the ground at the scene helping with the investigation.

While the fire was raging, Westwood and the fire department were also working together to assist with the search for the missing home. 

They rescued a woman who was trapped in a burning home, and the woman’s family has since been reunited with their loved one. 

This incident also helped the department to gain a lot of notoriety. 

Westland also received a recognition for their continued efforts in helping people in need. 

 Westminster Firefighter Richard A. Haughey in a fire suit and jacket from January 2018 source Hackernews (Courtesy Westhampton Fire Department) Haughey started his career as a Westhampton firefighter back in 1998.

He has been a firefighter for 20 years, and has worked on firefighting missions in the Bronx, New Jersey, as well as in the New York City area. 

Haughhey has saved the lives of many people in the city. 

He has been credited for saving several lives on several occasions, and has become a local legend. 

After saving many lives, Haughhey was awarded the Department of Fire and Rescue Firefighter of the Year Award in 2017. 


Westmoreland Fire Fighting Westmoreland firefighter Kevin Gifford in an emergency suit and fire helmet from December of 2018 (Screenshot of Westmorelans Facebook) Kevin Giffords firefighting attire from November of 2018, when Westmorelands firefighting gear was featured on ABC News  (Screengrab from Westmorelannews Facebook)Westmorelands firefighter KevinGiffords firefighting gear in January of 2019 (Photo via West Moreland Firefighters Facebook)The Westmorelanders firefighters uniform is an iconic piece of firefighter gear.

It was featured in a 2017 episode of ABC’s Fire and Rescue  which aired on January 23, 2019. 

It is recognized as a firefighting uniform by many firefighters, and also a firefighter helmet. While the WestMorelans Firefighting gear is one of the most recognizable firefighter uniforms in the United States, there are many other firefighter outfits out there. 


Lakewood Firefighting Lakewood Firefighters John McKeown in a fire suit from January 2021 (Image via Lakewoods Facebook)Lakewood firefighters John Mc Keown (left) and Kevin McKeynow have worked in Lakewood, New York, for the past 15 years.

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