Dozer is the firefighting machine that is currently in service with the United States Army.

It’s a vehicle that is essentially a fire truck that can fire into a crowd of people in an emergency.

When deployed to the battlefield, the Dozer can fire over 1,500 pounds of smoke, flames, and other deadly toxins, and can fire more than 400 pounds of ammunition.

The vehicle is currently used by the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia, among others.

Dozer was developed as part of the military’s Dozer Integrated Tactical System (DITS), which was developed to increase mobility and survivability of soldiers in the field.

In a video of Dozer being used in the US Army, you can see that it fires out smoke to slow down enemy vehicles.

Dozers were originally developed as a military utility vehicle, and it is expected that it will eventually replace older, older firefighting vehicles.

It is also expected that Dozer will be used by soldiers on the battlefield in combat situations, as it is equipped with an on-board heat-seeking camera and infrared sensor that can detect incoming gunfire.

When asked about Dozer’s future use in combat, the Army did not say much.

The Dozer team did say that they were working on a vehicle for the US Marine Corps, but did not provide details about that vehicle.

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