The fire in the North East caused extensive damage and was quickly extinguished.

The fire broke out at the Northumberland Fire Service site in Northumberlands, which was home to the fire service’s firefighting team, which were on site for the day.

The cause of the fire was not yet known.

Northumberland Borough Council tweeted: “We are still working with the local authorities and emergency services to understand the cause of this incident and will continue to update the public as we do so.”

The fire was reported around 1pm local time, with smoke billowing from the scene.

Firefighters were seen leaving the site to return to their car and their vehicle was found to be badly damaged.

The council said it was working to establish what caused the blaze and that people who witnessed it should contact them.

The fire service said it would be working closely with local authorities to find out what caused it. 

Northumberlands Council said it had deployed the Northumbrian Fire Service team to help with the rescue of people trapped in the house. 

The fire service tweeted: The Northumbria Fire Service has been deployed to assist with the evacuation of the house where the fire broke down in the early hours of this morning.

They are continuing to investigate the cause. 

Local residents were able to escape their home after the fire began, while firefighters battled the blaze.

The Northumbrians fire service posted on Twitter: The fire has been extinguished but remains under control.

Please see the full report here: Firefighters have been working to contain a fire at the Southside Fire Station, located on the North Side of Northumberlander in Northumblies West.