An Australian firefighting volunteer is fighting for his life after a car crashed into a firefighting site, killing a fire fighter and leaving several others injured.

Key points:A firefighting unit at the remote location was forced to leave the scene after a man crashed his car into the firefighting facility near the town of Moseley, about 30km north of BrisbaneSource: The driver of the car, who was not injured, fled the scene in his vehicle, leaving several other people injured, the ABC understands.

He was later caught and charged with driving without due care and attention and reckless driving.

Firefighters have said they were forced to evacuate the site in Mosely, north of the city, after the car crashed.

The vehicle hit a fire suppression truck before crashing into a structure.

The man who drove the car had not been in the fire service for years, and the driver had been a volunteer for the NSW Ambulance Service.

“He was on the phone to an emergency services centre and the vehicle crashed into the emergency services vehicle, and then the fire suppression vehicle,” NSW Fire and Emergency Services said in a statement.

“The firefighting equipment was on site and a number of firefighters were in the area at the time of the incident.”

All the people who were injured have since been discharged from hospital.

Firefighters had to return to the site and were trying to get everyone out.”

There were no reported injuries to the occupants of the vehicle,” the statement said.

Firefighters had to return to the site and were trying to get everyone out.

The man is being held in a local police station on a number other charges.

The driver who fled the incident is being questioned by police.

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