An ambulance is a device that has been used for a number of years to slow down the movement of firefighters when they are trying to put out fires.

They are also used to make sure people in the vicinity of the fire don’t get too close to it.

The Australian Fire Service (AFS) has been using an emergency ambulance to help fight bushfires for about 15 years.

When they first started using the ambulance, the department wasn’t quite sure how effective it would be in fighting the bushfires, according to its Chief Fire Officer, Mark Gwyn.

“When we started using it, we didn’t really know how effective they were, because we hadn’t used it for many years, and we didn [actually] see how they would work,” he said.

Gwyn said the idea to get a helicopter to the scene of a bushfire was the first time they used an emergency vehicle.

They were able to use the ambulance to move firefighters to other locations in the community where they would then be able to help.

In 2015, the AFS also used an ambulance to save the life of a man who was trapped in his home after the fire broke out.

That same year, they also used a helicopter on a bush fire to save a woman who was rescued from her home after it caught fire.

AFS has been running an Emergency Ambulance Service for the last 15 years, but in 2017, the company stopped providing an ambulance.

As of August 2021, the first ambulance to be delivered to the ATSC had been delivered to a fire station in Queensland.

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