It’s a battle between the fire fighter and a wild pokemon.

The Pokemon battle in Fire Emblem Fates is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2019, as part of the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

It was previously announced in February 2016.

The Fire Emblem fighting game is a mix of real-world battles with Pokemon-inspired elements.

Players will fight in a variety of ways.

There’s the standard sword and shield, a bow and arrow, and a katana.

But players will also be able to use a combination of swords and axes, and use magic to summon monsters and defeat them.

The Pokemon battle has the ability to change its rules as it sees fit.

Players can choose to fight in the standard Fire Emblem battle format, which allows for two players.

In this format, the player that wins a battle gets the first turn of a new battle.

This format is also the way Fire Emblem battles are usually played.

There are four battle stages to play through, and players battle using the Fire Emblem Battle System.

The first turn is all about deciding how many moves the Pokemon has, the second turn is for the player with the most moves, and the last turn is about how many Pokemon are defeated in a battle.

The Pokémon battle has been designed to allow for multiple tactics.

Players will be able use the same strategy as they would in real life, or create their own.

The team in the Fire Emblems battle has two types of Pokemon.

One is a wild Pokemon, which is a new type of Pokemon in Fire Emodes battles.

This Pokemon is a special type that has no type-type compatibility.

The other type of wild Pokemon is an evasive Pokemon that can dodge attacks.

There are also four types of attacks that can be used.

These are ranged attacks that hit with a ranged attack, and special attacks that deal more damage to a single Pokemon than it has HP.

These four types are not unique to Fire Emblem, but they can be learned through battles.

Players also get to choose from a wide variety of different attacks that they can use.

For example, in a standard battle, players can use an axe, a flail, and an electric blast.

They can also summon the Fire-type Pokemon.

Other moves in the game include a flamethrower, a smash attack, a flying attack, ice attacks, and water attacks.

The flamestrike, for example, hits targets up to 10 meters away, which makes it effective against some Pokemon.

Other moves have a variety on how they can move through the battlefield.

For example, the flametrap, which damages a single target, can move a target up to 25 meters in a single turn.

Another new element in the battle is the Pokemon’s “Giant”.

This Pokemon has a lot of HP and is stronger than a regular Pokemon, but has a smaller attack and lower defense.

When a Pokemon is defeated, the Pokemon will be sent to a different battle arena.

When the Pokemon battle is over, players will be awarded a reward for defeating the wild Pokemon.

The player who has the highest score will receive a Pokemon egg.

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