By Chris Lister, Ars Technic staff contributorAs firefighters fight a blaze at a firefighting station in the Boston suburb of Worcester, Massachusetts, a fire fighter with the Worcester Fire Department was on hand to help put out the blaze.

The Worcester Firefighter is the only firefighting boat on the Worcester Coast in Massachusetts.

The boat was sent by the Worcester Regional Fire Protection District (WRFD) to help with the firefighting effort after an electrical fault on the fireboat’s battery knocked out the boat’s firefighting system, the Worcester Herald reports.

When the fire started, the WRFD ordered the Worcester firefighting crew to abandon ship and return to the station.

The crew, which included the Worcester firefighters and the Worcester City firefighters, stayed behind to help extinguish the blaze while the WRDFD crew stayed behind in the station to monitor the blaze and help the Worcester crew.

“I had to help the boat to get out of there,” one of the Worcester firefighter told the Herald.

The WRFD also had the fire crew go back to the Worcester station to help out with the emergency.

The firefighting team then set up the electrical emergency system to try to restore power to the fire department’s battery, and the WRDF crew came in to help, as well.

The device is the Firefighter Fired Electrical Firefighting System, or FFES.

The FFES is a device that is installed on the side of a fire fighting boat that helps firefighting crews with lighting, signaling, and other emergency communications.

The system is powered by a battery pack that is connected to the boat and uses a variety of signals and equipment, such as a fire detection and suppression system, and a video camera.

The systems uses a wireless connection to provide the boats electrical power, and can communicate with other boats, including emergency responders, in case of emergency.

One of the first fires on the WBFD’s side of the station started when an electrical malfunction caused a battery to short out, causing the fire boat to stop functioning, the Herald reports (link).

As the crew continued to attempt to extinguish it, the WBDF firefighting unit’s electrical system failed, causing a fire to break out.

The vessel, the boat, and all the crew members were transported to the hospital, where one of them suffered smoke inhalation and dehydration.

“It was a pretty intense situation,” one firefighter told WBNF.

The firefighters were able to get to the scene of the fire, and were able find a generator that would provide the electrical power for the FFES for about an hour and a half, the report says.

It was the only way to get the water pump running.

After the fire was extinguished, the system’s electrical power was restored to the vessel and the crew were able get back to work, the article says.

In addition to the electrical system, firefighters have used the FFes to fight fires on other stations in Worcester.

One fire fighting officer who worked for the WRFFD was killed during the fire.

A firefighter with the WRPD has since died.

In May 2017, another firefighter died after he was hit by a car while attempting to help a fire crew in the same Worcester station, the WCVB reported.

According to WBFFD, the FD’s equipment was destroyed and the FD is investigating the incident.

Firefighters also were injured in a May 2017 incident, when a fire on the second floor of the WRFGFD was extinguished.