The Fire Fighters International Federation (FFII) and HeliFire have announced the launch of a heli firefighter gloves for the sport.

The gloves will be manufactured in the UK by the Australian-based manufacturer, which has worked closely with the Firefighters International Federation since the organisation’s inception in 2002.

“Helicopter Firefighting Gloves have been an essential tool for the protection of firefighters and their equipment, both during and after firefighting,” said FFII CEO and CEO of the sport, Matt Gourlay.

“They offer the most effective, safe and effective firefighting gloves available.”

A Firefighter’s gloves are essential to the protection and safety of firefighters in hot environments, where the danger of fire is greatest.

We’re excited to see HeliFighters offering these gloves to the public.

“Helicopters are the mainstay of the Australian bushfirefighting force and provide an invaluable platform for firefighters to provide support and to assess the risk of fire.

The HeliFlare gloves are made in the USA and the gloves will debut in 2018 in a limited edition of 100, while the gloves are available at on a pre-order basis starting at $150.

The gloves will become available for sale in July 2018.

The Fire Fighters have launched HeliFlight gloves, a range of gloves designed specifically for use in the helicopter and are available now at and on the Heli-Flight website.

The glove’s patented design offers a glove that is lightweight, breathable and easy to grip.”

We know that the Heligaffe has a huge impact on the lives of firefighters around the world, so we are really proud to launch these gloves,” said Matt Gurlay.”

These gloves will offer an exceptional level of protection, which can be used in hot and dangerous conditions.

“They will also offer an amazing opportunity for those working in the fire service to have a truly unique and personalised Firefighter Gear experience.” heli flares, which include firefighting equipment and supplies, is the only authorized source for firefighting gear.

The Australian Firefighters Association (AFA) has also issued a statement about the HelifireFlight gloves: “HeliFlares gloves are the most secure and reliable of all firefighter gloves.

Our members have said they will never wear them outside the firefighting team.

HeliFLares gloves offer a comfortable, waterproof and breathable design, allowing them to be worn by any firefighter working in hot or dry conditions.”

The Heligadex heli-firefighter gloves are now available for pre-orders on, with the first batch of 1000 to be delivered to customers in June 2018.

Helicare Flight is also offering Heli Flight gloves to its members.

The first 500 pairs of gloves will come from the UK. offers two Heliflares and Heligasex heliframex gloves to be sold to customers from the United States.

Heligatex is the official supplier for Heli flight.

Heliplines are designed for use by ground personnel on helicopters and aircraft.

The HeliFleet is a group of volunteer pilots who provide firefighting assistance to the Australian Fire Services (AFS).

HeliFires Heli Flares are made by Heliflight.

Heliplines provide firefighters with protection against smoke, water and dust and provide a more secure and efficient method of firefighting.

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