Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has promised to ensure firefighting workers receive the same pay and benefits as other frontline workers in the future.

Key points:Premier Daniel Andrews says he wants to ensure firefighters are paid “equally and fairly” to other frontline jobs in Victoria”The Victorian Government says it will continue to ensure the pay and pension benefits of firefighters are similar to those of other frontline staff”The pay package will be a matter for the Government to decide”, Mr Andrews told ABC radio on Friday.”

It’s not something we can change.

But we’re working on it.

“Mr Andrews said he had previously pledged to establish a National Firefighting Pension Scheme for frontline firefighters, and he said the Government had also made an investment in the firefighting industry in recent years.”

This is something we’re committed to, we’ve invested in the industry, we’re investing in new equipment, we want to see our firefighters and our fire services treated equally and fairly,” Mr Andrews said.”

I think there are a number of people who will argue that the Victorian Government is the worst-paid state in Australia and they can have their say about that.

“But we know it’s not true.”

Mr Andrew also said the Victorian Fire Service was one of the best in the country and was a “critical part of keeping the Victorian economy safe”.

“We’ve been in this job for 35 years, and it’s one of our greatest strengths,” he said.

Mr Andrews says it’s important the State Government invests in the economy in the state.

“We’re also investing in other areas that are vital to our state’s economy and jobs,” he told the ABC.

“For example, we have the Victoria Fire Service which is a critical part of our state economy and a critical component of our economy.”

So we’ve made some investments in the Victorian fire service that we hope will deliver that investment.

“The Premier said he would also look at whether firefighters should be paid overtime.”

What’s going to happen is, it’s a matter that’s in the hands of the Government,” he says.”

In some cases they’ll take a salary and that’ll be shared out with other employees.

In others, they might get a bit more, but they’ll be paid in a lump sum.

“He said he was hopeful the Victorian Police Service would follow suit.”

The Victorian Fire Services Association is urging people to contact their State Fire Service to voice their concerns.””

I’m hopeful we’ll see some agreement from the police, but I think there will be some discussions between the police and the Victorian firefighters.”

The Victorian Fire Services Association is urging people to contact their State Fire Service to voice their concerns.

“The Government is not doing enough to ensure that our firefighters are getting the same salary and benefits that other frontline firefighters do,” the Association said.

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