AFLF firefighters are being offered a $200,000 pay rise, despite the AFLW stating they are not required to do so.

Key points:AFL firefighters have been receiving a salary rise in the past three years, with an average of $200kAFLFirefighters were previously not paid the same amountAFL firefighting has faced criticism in recent months, with some union members questioning the union’s ability to manage the job, including the pay rate and the ability of the unions firefighting department to operate effectively.

The AFL said the pay rise was made to provide better compensation for firefighters.

“The average pay rise in 2016-17 was $150,000 for the AFLF and $110,000 as a result of salary and bonus increases,” the AFL said in a statement.”AFL Firefighters received an average pay increase of $170,000 in 2016.”

We have a number of issues that require AFLF members to manage and manage efficiently, and we will work hard to address those issues in the coming months.

“The AFL also said there was no need for firefighters to join unions.”

An AFLFL member is a member of a union and is not required by law to join an AFL union,” the statement said.”

Members are encouraged to become active in union activity as this is an important way to get involved with the union.

“The increase comes in the wake of a scathing report into the AFL Firefighters’ Association, published by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in October.

The AFP’s report detailed a raft of problems at the organisation, including a lack of training, inadequate firefighting skills and inadequate leadership.

In February, the AFL fired its acting chief executive, Peter Gorman, for “gross misconduct” and said the organisation was “deeply sorry” for any distress caused.

The union also released a statement saying it would not take action against the chief executive.”

There is a need for further reflection and discussion about what we can do to improve our organisation and ensure that we are meeting the expectations of members,” AFL firefighting chief executive Brian McLeod said in the statement.

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