A new fire fighter course will be offered by Football Italian in Naples.

The first ever Fire Fighter Course is due to be taught at the city’s Lampedusa football stadium on Saturday.

The course is aimed at young people and the firefighting industry, which is under intense scrutiny.

It was launched by the Municipality of Lampedus, which owns the stadium, as a way to train firefighters, and to help improve their skills.

The Firefighter Academy, which will be open to all pupils, is designed to teach students about firefighting and to train the firefighters and other emergency personnel.

“It’s an opportunity for us to show the youngsters that there are other options, there are places where we can help them,” Mayor Carlo Scalfari said.

He said the Firefighter Course would help prepare young people for careers in the fire service.

“We want them to be ready when we need them, ready when they need us.

And they’re very welcome to come and stay at the Lampeda football stadium,” Scalfaris said.”

The Firefighters Academy is not about education, it’s about providing an opportunity and a platform for young men to become a professional fire fighter,” he said.

The academy has already trained 300 youngsters, and the course will include lessons in firefighting, life skills, and emergency procedures.

The programme will take place from May 17 to June 14.