Firefighters were called to a bushfire on Friday in Queensland’s south-west that has killed four people and forced hundreds to evacuate their homes.

The blaze started near Lake Mabhou, in the remote Lake Mombua district, and has since grown to 8,500 hectares (21,000 acres) in size.

It started on Friday evening, and the firefighting unit has been working on containment since then.

“Our firefighting team has worked with local residents and local bushfire management authorities to secure containment areas in an effort to prevent further damage and to minimise any impact on neighbouring property,” the Australian Firefighting Service said in a statement.

Fire crews were also sent to the scene of a fire in Bambi, a town in the state’s north, which has burned down.

Emergency crews are currently battling the Bambian fire.

Residents in the northern city of Bundaberg have also been forced to evacuate, with residents being advised to remain at home.

There are no reports of injuries or fatalities in the Bundabaggan fire, which was reported at 8:45pm on Friday.

Flooding is also reported in Bundabagan, with a further 3,500 people expected to be affected.

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