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‘Firefighter’ says he saved thousands of lives in the Boston Marathon bombing

A firefighter from the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety was fired for saying he saved more than 700 people from a firefight in Boston during the marathon bombing on April 15.

The FDNY’s Chief, William F. Evans, was fired over his remarks on a Facebook page that criticized the department’s decision to send the fire fighter to the Boston area after the marathon bombings.

Evans said in a statement on Monday that he had been told by the FDNY that he was the “faultiest man in the department” for allowing the department to send a firefighting team into the Boston metropolitan area to help in the aftermath of the bombings.

Fellow FDNY firefighter David Schleif, the man who was later identified as the firefighter who saved 700 people, tweeted on Monday afternoon that Evans was fired, but that the FDPA would not confirm the incident.

“As an FDNY Firefighter, I’m disappointed with the decision, but I’ll continue to stand up for those I love and respect,” Schleifer wrote.

“I will not be a part of the FDPD any longer, but my support will always be there for anyone in need.

Thanks for the support and hope that this will be resolved.”

Evans’ firing comes after the FDMA announced last week that it would be changing its policy in light of the firefighting operations.

The change was prompted by reports that firefighting equipment had been used to fight the blasts.

The department’s policy says the equipment must be “used to the utmost extent.”

The FDMA’s policy states that the department is not authorized to use firefighting vehicles in the response to any event, including the Marathon bombing.

It also states that equipment used to respond to an event is “not authorized to be used in any manner to engage in direct or indirect warfare, to support a terrorist activity, or to engage with any armed or hostile forces.”

Evams decision to use the equipment to help out in Boston comes after an internal FDMA investigation found that the agency had allowed the equipment it used to help battle the explosions to be misused.

“While I agree that it is wrong to let a dangerous situation escalate, I cannot condone the actions of a single firefighter who used equipment he had no control over,” Evans wrote in the statement.

“The FDPD will never allow itself to be in the position of allowing one firefighter to use his firefighting gear to fight a fire in the city of Boston.”

The firefighting effort that saved thousandsEvans has been with the FDTA since January 2012.

He was fired from the FDFA last November.

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