The firefighter first to fight the fire ants at a construction site in central New York is now fighting a fire in the back of his car.

The incident happened Wednesday morning on the outskirts of Albany, New York, when the firefighter, who works for a local fire department, noticed the ants.

“The ants were everywhere, so I went up to the car and opened the door, and I could see the ants were crawling everywhere,” he told WCBS.

“They were crawling on the hood of the car.

So I had to do something.”

The firefighter grabbed a shovel and started to dig, but the ants didn’t move.

He grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it on the floor.

“I could hear the ants jumping on the back, so the fire extinguishers were going off,” he said.

“I got in the car, and it was already burning down.”

The fire was put out, and the firefighters were able to save two people.

“We’ve been working for 30 years, and we’ve never had anything like this,” the firefighter said.

Firefighters from three other departments were called to help.

One of them is a paramedic.