– Huntsville, Ala., on Monday unveiled a new flame fighting apparatus that the U.S. Air Force hopes will help firefighters and soldiers fight fires more effectively.

The JETSS firefighting system uses a powerful jet engine to generate high-energy flames to fight fires in a firefighting environment, according to a release from the Air Force.

It uses an advanced liquid nitrogen tank for heat and pressure to help dissipate the heat of flames.

The new flame combat system uses an electric motor and an infrared infrared camera to help the firefighting team spot flames before they get out of control.

The device uses an infrared laser to create high-intensity infrared light that can be used to heat the flames and stop them from spreading.

The system uses up to 300,000 watts of power.JETSS is an advanced technology for firefighting, the Air Department said in a release.

It uses a jet engine for heat, which can be transmitted through infrared light to a tank of liquid nitrogen to heat it.

The jet engine also helps create heat and steam to generate the flame.

It is powered by an electric battery and an onboard computer that sends commands to the tank.

The system has been in use for about 15 years, according the Air Departments official website.JETS systems are also being used in the U