Benzenes fire fighting site has become the first major Canadian city to put out a blaze that has destroyed thousands of square metres of land.

More than 100 firefighters are battling the blaze, which started late Tuesday and has damaged nearly 40 homes.

A total of 12 houses and four outbuildings have been destroyed.

Residents of the town of Benziane, located in the province of Quebec, say they are lucky to have escaped the flames.

The town is a tourist resort located on the shore of Lake Chaudhury and has about 7,500 residents.

But this is a fire that has completely consumed the town.

“I feel fortunate to have survived,” said local resident and Benzela resident Henri-Philippe Piqué, who is in the process of moving his family to the nearby village of Benémontier, where he is hoping to get back into his job.

“The fire is the most frightening thing.

It has taken all our family’s belongings, we can’t even see the houses,” Piquem told the CBC.

Piquet’s family, who lives in the nearby town of Barceloux, are living in the same building as his and have been without power since the fire started.

Pique said the blaze started near a church and has destroyed more than 40 homes in the town and surrounding area.

“This is the worst fire I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Bené Montier, located approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Montreal, has about 13,000 residents.

A fire destroyed homes and outbuildments in BenéMontier, Que., Canada, on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2020.

More to come.

The fire started on a park in the village of Altaquien, where residents have been camping since early in the morning.

They were hoping to have their summer vacation when the fire broke out.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been out on the fire ground,” said resident Lucie Vardagliano, who was out hiking when the blaze broke out around 8 a.m.

“We were all sleeping.

We were all awake, but then suddenly, it started raining.”

Vardigliano said she and her friends heard a noise that sounded like “firecrackers.”

“It was a huge boom, and we all thought, ‘Whoa!'”

Vardglia told CBC.

The wildfire is now 20 kilometres from the village, where the firefighting crews have been working since Tuesday morning.

Vardigliano said the fire has been getting worse, and she was surprised that her home, which has a basement, was the only one that had been spared.

“My house was a mess.

It was burned, and there was a lot of damage,” Vardiggli said.

Vardeigliano, whose family lives on the property where the blaze began, said she has spent most of the day in her home to assess the damage and take pictures of her destroyed property.

“Some of the houses are gone, and it’s all gone,” she said.

“All of our things are gone.”

She added that the water supply was completely cut off.

Residents in the surrounding area have been using bottled water and water tanks to fill their homes and businesses.

In a statement issued to CBC News, the local government of Barcelles, Que.

said the village was fortunate to escape the fire without damage.

The community of Benetmontier is located in Quebec, Canada.

“Benetmontiers residents were fortunate to not have to evacuate due to a fire.

This fire destroyed more of their property and destroyed their water system,” said the statement.

The province of Canada said the wildfire is being investigated by the Ministry of Environment.

In addition, the town has been receiving donations to rebuild homes and buildings damaged by the fire.

Residents who were evacuated from the area have had to be resettled in the local community.

The mayor of Benoit said that he was confident that Benoit would be able to return to normal operations after the fire is contained.

“Everyone is well prepared.

The situation is very dangerous, but I have confidence that we will be able and ready to return,” said Mayor Jean-Pierre Barcelois.

In the aftermath of the fire, the fire department said it was working with the province to determine whether the province has the necessary resources to restore the affected area.

In some areas, residents are being forced to leave their homes.

Residents said that they are living out of their cars, and are often left with nothing to do except wait for help.

“There are no homes left,” said Jean-Claude Piquimont, who had his home evacuated.

“Our only option is to leave the area,” he added.

The municipality said it will provide support for the residents and those who are affected.