Firefighting and emergency management expert James Kelleher, the director of the Center for International Governance Innovation, said Tuesday that the 727 firefighters who died in the collapse of the twin towers have had a “terrible” impact on firefighters and the American people.

“They did an incredible job in a very difficult situation,” Kellehmer said.

“And it’s an even greater tragedy that they weren’t there to stop this catastrophe.”

He said firefighters were trained to respond to fires by training in response, but that those skills are being lost because of the lack of resources.

“The people who are trained and have the ability to respond, to save lives, they have not been able to do it,” Kleser said.

He noted that the government was funding training programs for firefighting to increase their ability to deal with the situation.

The Department of Homeland Security has said it plans to increase training in the future.

But it hasn’t committed to spending millions of dollars on those programs, which have been criticized by some fire fighting experts for being too expensive and ineffective.